The Way We Approach Dermatological Conditions Needs An Upgrade

Because a skin issue is almost never just a skin issue

Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND is at the Forefront of Functional Dermatology With Cutting-Edge Protocols That Are Transforming the Way We Treat Dermatological Conditions

Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND

Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND

Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND is a naturopathic doctor and expertly trained herbalist who is at the cutting edge of Integrative and Functional Dermatology.

She is passionate about researching and identifying the underlying root cause of chronic skin conditions and creating solutions that create real and lasting results.

And she’s even more passionate about sharing her expertise and educating others on how to naturally heal even the most challenging skin concerns.

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Our medical professional training course outlines how to address skin and hair conditions and the underlying systemic imbalances driving them.

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Our educational courses are designed to help anyone struggling with a chronic skin or hair condition better understand what’s going on beneath the surface and what’s driving their symptoms

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Why Functional Dermatology?

Much of the approach to treating modern-day dermatological conditions has been focused on suppressing and masking symptoms. While this may work in some cases, for many, this approach simply doesn’t create real or lasting results.

Functional dermatology approaches skin care and dermatological concerns from a holistic standpoint – treating the skin as the complex and intricately interconnected organ that it is.

Because a skin issue is almost never just a skin issue.

By diving deeper and addressing some of the below-the-surface imbalances that may be driving skin concerns, functional dermatology can create healing and transformation both inside and out.

Just look at some of the incredible results that can be achieved with a Functional Dermatology approach.

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