Discover the Root Causes of Your Psoriasis

The dry, itchy patches of skin that result from psoriasis can cause so much grief to those who experience this skin disease. Learning why psoriasis occurs in the first place is important if you are living with this condition.

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Have You Been Dealing with Psoriasis for Years with No Answers as to What is Causing It?

Even if you have been able to successfully manage flare ups of psoriasis, it can be a challenge when it does occur. For many people it is the cause of extreme itchiness and unsightly and embarrassing discolored patches on the skin. Those who have more severe cases may be prescribed steroids, tacrolimus, and injectable immune-suppressive pharmaceuticals which are all associated with known negative side effects. But does it have to be this way?

Dr. Greenberg, ND Teaches You Why Psoriasis Occurs

Having worked with many patients who are dealing psoriasis, Dr. Greenberg, ND knows the importance of educating her patients on the impact of the gut microbiome on skin and the root causes of psoriasis. She takes the vast array of scientific research and organizes it for you in an easy-to-understand video. This is the same material she shares with her patients.


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