Learn the Root Causes of Acne

Although often associated with teens and young adults, the red tender bumps and cysts which characterize acne can occur at any age. Get a deeper understanding of why acne occurs so you get the answers you are seeking.

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Are You Frustrated by Your Stubborn Acne?

Chances are if you have struggled with acne, you probably have tried nearly every face wash and over-the-counter treatment available in the drug store. You may have even been prescribed stronger medications such as spironolactone, isotretinoin (Accutane), or antibiotics. While these prescriptions may provide some relief, they often have other undesirable side effects.

How many times have you made changes to your diet and lifestyle in hopes that your acne would go away, all to no avail? Not being able to figure out why you have acne can be so frustrating because it becomes nearly impossible to make changes that will actually get rid of it.

Root Cause Dermatology is Here to Help you Get Answers

If you’ve experienced seemingly endless frustration from acne, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Greenberg, ND has put together all of the pieces for you to educate you on what the root causes of acne are. She goes in-depth on how the gut microbiome and the skin are related. Have you wondered how your gut microbiome might be connected to what’s happening on your skin? Dr. Greenberg explains it all in a clear and informative way so you can fully understand why you are experiencing acne.


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